Eduardo is the leading creative force behind Flavour Productions, who oversees and manages all projects and gives the company it's strategic direction and vision.

    Born in 1974 inside the cosmopolitan influences of Lisbon, Eduardo soon felt the lure of motion pictures, and began to drink from the hot cup of cinematography in the early 90`s, when digital production still involved a hand built box balanced on a knife edge which needed a steady hand and a focused mind to master.

    His strengths are having a strong vision of how a shot or piece should be, and then using his years of experience in lighting, as a DoP, or as a post-production supervisor to pull all those threads together and deliver the perfect blend.

    Favorite flavour: Vanilla
    Creative Director
    After Architectural Design and Communication Design, ended up post graduating in Copywriting.

    Worked with national and international brands such as Renault, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Sanofi-Aventis, Nestlé, Lactogal, Garnier, L’Oreal, Sogrape or Minipreço during 5 years in the Publicis Group both as a Copywriter and Art Director.

    Tragedy forced a return to the Algarve but the work in brands, strategy and communication continued as a freelance creative consultant. Along this chapter, strong relationships with Flavour Production were forged and the skillset evolved from screenwriter to film directing.

    Former instagram addict, photography enthusiast, beach tennis genius, cat lover, avid coffee drinker and compulsive smoker.Favorite quotes are: “I don’t care who’s right, i’m here to argue” and “Smile, it makes people wonder what you’re up to.”

    Favourite flavour: Black
    Although sports is a strong family legacy, a serious knee injury kept him away from carrying the family’s torch at an early age. Carlos found in videography a way to channel most the core principles that sport grew in him such as: teamwork, focus, discipline, grit and drive to excel.

    Passion and fast developing skillset earned him an early scholarship to produce institutional video content while still graduating in Communication Sciences at the University of Algarve. He built a portfolio that struck a chord when he applied for a full-time position at Flavour Productions.

    A full time videographer now, his editing vision brings some of the new flavours of the industry to the company while harvesting tricks of the trade from the experienced Flavour Productions’s team.

    Favourite flavour: Sweat
    Film Director
    A native of Lisbon, Tito da Costa was born in 1970. In 2002 he enrolled in a Direction of Cinema course at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles.

    At Universal Studios, his first work of fiction did not pass unnoticed and he received support from the academy and from Panavision to complete two more short films during the course and was the only student chosen to film with Adam Bidle.

    In California he established a special relationship with Digital Film Tree, and was invited to work as technical consultant on the book "Final Cut Pro Advanced Color Correction and SFX", published by Pitchpit.

    Tito is thought to be the first Portuguese to produce a film in Hollywood - "Road to Red" - co-written with Larry Leahy.

    Favorite flavour: Cinnamon
    3D Modeling and Animation
    In the early 90s he embraced the newborn subject of 3d animation, and it's with Lightwave 3D running on his Commodore Amiga that he begins his long journey through this new form of artistic expression, both exciting and full of promise.

    In 1995 he was invited by the director Norbero Nunes to work at Nova Imagem and swapped his degree studies for the wisdom of the mythical Virgilio Ferreira, with whom he learnt animation in Softimage 3D.

    He worked at Nova Imagem for 5 years, which gave him the privilege of producing an enormous quantity and variety of digital effects, and at the same time sharing knowledge with a collective of talented and hard-working creative virtuosos.

    In 2002 he started actively collaborating with Flavour and in 2009 he created his own company, where on a daily basis he does what he likes best, creating and animating in 3D.

    Favorite flavour: Chocolate
    J. SMITH
    Specialist Consultant
    Graduating as a civil engineer took him into technical design, with the early world of 3D CAD leading on to a range of other 3D modeling, rendering and animation packages.

    A long standing interest in photography and video led him to join Flavour Produtions as a founding member in 2000, where he had the opportunity to further the depth and breadth of his knowledge in the boiling cauldron of the workload of a production house.

    Moving base back to Scotland in 2003 Colin`s interests moved to developing specialized time-lapse photography techniques and matte painting using 2D and 3D methods, as well as taking a role in project development and management, and film conception and story-boarding.

    Favorite flavour: Cinnamon