1999/2000 Standley Kubrick died; Bill Clinton found himself involved in one of the biggest scandals the USA had seen; Aspirin reached it's 100th birthday; Oklahoma stands in destruction after one of the biggest tornados in history; Quarteira became a city and society found itself at the height of the millennium bug worries.

    Computers could not change the two digits (99) to (2000).

    We still don't know if it was a system error, but out came Flavour Productions.
    We are proud to stand for values of trust, confidentiality, transparency, collaboration and experimentation.

    We are believers in the long-tail, a long-term relationship with our business partners that will lead into products of guaranteed quality that help build and develop brands and a good reputation.
    Every film is a joint effort involving individuals with different personalities, visions and aesthetic ideas. We believe in the joy of that process, we like to go home thinking “we really had fun today.
    Today, with the level of visual literacy in our culture, there is room to break the tradition of what is perceived as interesting cinematography.

    With our base of knowledge and high-end technology, we always start from scratch at the beginning of every new project, looking for ways to push ourselves a little further, bringing a new flavour to each challenge.
    MAX (Attention + Memory encoding + Emotion + Engagement)